Since 2009 we have participating as a creative group in developing new game concepts on behalf of big toy companies.

Our co-operations began with the digital implementation of the content of well-known toy brands. Those co-operations developed fast by including tasks such as developing question content, utilizing translations and applying Greek adaptation on specific products as well as visual configuration of new board games.

At the same time, new more demanding projects were carried out that had to do with speakage for electronic educational games, topical (thematic) TV spots (advertisements) etc.




The next step was more than creative, stepping from the original idea of creating a board game of knowledge, that would include images, experiences and habits that related to a whole era. A game with the purpose to bring smile to the Greek consumer, by bringing back familiar images of a beloved period from the youth.

The beginning was the creation of “RETRO” the first Greek board game – tribute, to everything  that happened in the 80s, 90s and early 00s.
Music, movies, TV series , lyrics, actors, cartoons and so much more, all gather in the yellow box and create a modern adult board game that was not only loved with eager, but also brought laugh and joy to all players and participants that chose it.

The license of the game was conceded to GHIOCCI PREZIOSI HELLAS that holds the fort of production and distribution of the product in Greece.
New creative ideas have already to emerge in our minds.


The first educational series of the “LEARNING TUBE” board game that is exclusively produced by us is now a fact!

100% Greek, the Learning Tube is designed by K-Toyz team and is put together at the central offices of the company in Thessaloniki.

It’s the 1st educational series of games that has content themes of equal educational interest and is addressed to players of all ages. That’s why it is the 1st game all can participate in actively and essentially and at the same time players of all ages have the chance to gain essential knowledge non-stop.

What makes this game special is that playing doesn’t stop at card playing, but it carries on online, utilizing  a data base that is enriched and renewed constantly with new card-questions.